‘Build N Destroy’ is an established competitive war clan that participates in nonstop clan wars. Our members are expected to consistently contribute 3-star attacks each war. If you are a gamer who is looking to get into a serious war-focused clan, then we invite you to come check us out.

Established Sept 27th, 2015


Welcome to our home page.  We hope our website will give you a clear understanding of what we are all about and what we want to achieve. We would like to thank all our members and elders who help out in the Build N Destroy family and also a give big thank you to our leaders who do a fantastic job in running their clans.

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Clan Information :

This is the official website of the Build N Destroy clan for Clash of Clans game. From here, the clan members will post announcements and information for other members.

Clan Description :

We are a fun-loving friendly war clan who enjoys a good conversation while sharing troops to help one another. We aim to participate in clan war frequently will remove inactive members from the clan. At the war warriors from our clan behaves like a warrior who aims for war stars, unlike goblins who aims for resources loot. Perfectionist at war attacking who are smart warrior are always welcome to Build N Destroy family.

Clan Tag :  #YVU9YLQ9

The clan Warriors :

– Discipline Maintainer.
– Destroying top order and Kick out Specialist.

“We have always had the aim to be a war clan, we want to win wars with a vision to be the best we can be.”

–  Shreya (Leader)

– Friendly warrior.
– Good attacker as well as good defender.

“We love to maintain our war win streak high!”


God of War
– Assassin Destroyer.
– Stronghold Warrior.

“Our clan is set to “Always”, which means we always war, even with bad weather!”

– God of War

– Strategy Maker.
– War Base Analyst.

“A true family clan where maturity, fun, respect and activity is key.”

– The Kratos

Instagram : syag.21


Complete statistics of Build N Destroy

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