Road to Promotion

Hello Builders and Destroyers,

Your are visiting this page that means you are keen to get yourself promoted.
Here are the few simple and easy things you follow to earn the promotion.

1) Be Active in clan chat. Do Frequent troops request.
2) Be Polite, Good, Soft Spoken, Supportive to clan mates. Good Behavior matters most.
3) Donations should be self instinct, We do not believe in enforcement for donations in order to promote you.
4) Reading every clan mail is very important.
5) Be Loyal, Be stable and patient. Please Do not ask for the promotion as we keep eye on every warrior of us.
6) Give importance to your and others war attacks as well as defense.
7) Your war attacking and defense performance will be the key.

Thank you

Miss Lysendra

(Promotion In-charge at Build N Destroy)