Our Warriors

God Of War
– Kick out Specialist
– Discipline Maintainer
– Stronghold Warrior

“Our clan is set to “Always”, which means we always war, even with bad weather!”

– God Of War

Rina Dancing Bird
– Smart Intelligent Warrior
– Good attacker as well as good defender
– Emerging Warrior

“We fight fairly and honorably in every war.”


– Head Human Resource @ Build N Destroy.
– Energetic Warrior
– Active in most of activities.
– Ready to take any responsibility.

“Members will absolutely not use second accounts to spy on opponents in war.”

–  Shreya

The Kratos
– Strategy Maker
– War Base Analyst
– Angry Warrior

“A true family clan where maturity, fun, respect and activity is key. We farm hard but we attack even harder.”

– The Kratos